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I. A Witch and Her Thoughts (Part One)

It was calm in the Crystalsong Forest, but it's always peaceful there. This was one of Sylestal's most favorite places to visit, she would come here often to study her magic or to just collect her thoughts. Crystalsong is like a forest crafted from crystal, although the crystals are not trees. They are as tall as trees and appear to sprout from the ground; however, the ground is crystal as well. It appears to be like a winter scene, snow and ice blanketing the ground, the rocks, the trees. Staying in the forest for long periods can cause lesser beings to go insane. The crystals make noise they sing. Ancient magic is at work here, but Sylestal isn't affected by such.

she sat underneath the shade of one of the trees she marked long ago, looked around and said to herself "perfect" and began to study. She became more and more interested in the spells and recipes in her dark tome. The tome was old, and scared from use, the pages were torn an faded in some areas, the writing was even a victim of time as the musty smell from the ink could not be ignored. It was a gift given to her by her mother who died many years ago. She began to think about her mother and how powerful she was and how she wanted to be a strong witch just like her. A tear ran down her cheek as she started to cry.

Leonard the guardian of her book and also her best friend started to comfort her by playing with some pebbles around the base of the tree she smiled at Leonard and began to study her book again.

II. A Warlock's Purpose (Part Two)

Coming eventually...

This story is MINE!! Copyright!!! and heres the link to my Gaia account.…
Credit for locations goes to World of Warcraft, and the Blizzard company.


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United States
I'm a proud 23yo homosexual, and I Graduated from Sarasota High School, and from SCTI (Sarasota County Technical Institute) for Culinary Arts. Also got my food handler's card from the National Restaurant Association. :D

-- I'm rather fond of Creepy and Scary stuff, and Syfi... and Supernatural, and Extraterrestrial.
-- I like things that relate to Magic and Spells.
-- I also really enjoy Role-playing games, and MMO's.....basically anything Fantasy/Adventure based.
-- I'm an Anime/Manga geek as well lol
-- I have this "thing" for Puppets and the 7 Deadly Sins
-- I LOVE Dragons

Religion is the only thing in this world I don't care about, but I respect others that do believe so long as they don't push their faith on me.

Sign: Sagittarius
Troll: Equius
Nickname(s): Choji, Sasori, Fluffy, Brown Bear
Favorite Color: Red
Religion: None
Favorite Deadly Sin: Gluttony
Favorite Food(s): Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Meatloaf, Spaghetti, Cheese Burgers, Alfredo (Chicken or Shrimp), Seafood

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